Hi there!

My name is Ellie and I run Balancing Ellie. I am a mother, fiancé, shift worker, house keeper, gym junkie, food lover, and blogger.

I am quite busy most of the time. I always have at least two things going at the same time. My work provides no routine. In fact, my occupation removes any routine I could possibly have with a child due to unpredictable rosters. That being said, I still cram as much family and fitness activities possible.

I love motherhood more than I thought possible! I strongly believe in playing with your kids and getting messy. If I bake with my daughter, I do not clean the floors first! I am a strong believer in the healing and calming effect of everyone being outdoors. The further away from a phone, computer or TV, the better!

I am constantly trying to find my equilibrium. I’m always trying new ways to make my chaotic life a little more harmonious. This is where I have come up with Balancing Ellie. Balancing Ellie is about documenting my search for more balance in my life.



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