I have been super busy over the Christmas break and I am excited to share with you an update on it all (not quite a finished product)… my new home gym!

We are currently in the process of building our home and whilst I am really excited to move in late 2015/early 2016, I really wanted to get started on working out from home sooner rather than later.

Our current house is tiny. One of the reasons why I stopped posting home workouts after I had Maddy is because there is no where to workout in my home. Legit.

See this pic of me? That is my dining room. My entire dining room. Some how I fit a dining table and clothes rack in here to dry my clothes. To take my photos I have to lug my dining table, chairs, high chair and laundry out into my lounge room . Pretty crazy, huh?

My fiance came up with the fantastic idea of using the shed. At first I wasn’t sold… because our shed looked like this:

But after a weekend of pulling everything out, cleaning up with a pressure washer, adding internal walls and some new mats it looks pretty fancy!

Excuse the bench top laying across the wall- it is for our beautiful new laundry. I now have oodles of room for cardio, weights, HIIT- you name it! So prepare yourselves for some workouts and videos to come!

Whilst my daughter would nap at 9.30am (gym creche is 9am to 11.30) and wake up when I set my alarm to get up early, be difficult to settle to sleep for the past 6 week, I thought I would have to take a break from working out altogether. This goes to show that there is always a solution to whatever excuse or difficulty you have that is stopping you from working out.

Happy New Year,