You know those super yummy salads you can get in restaurants that have everything thrown in them and taste amazing? Yes, I love them too! The issue is that those salads are insanely high in calories, fat and sodium.

I always crave cob salads in summer, and with the weather warming up I thought I would make my own yummy cob salad that won’t undo all the hard work of my morning run.

I have a my favourite recipe for salad. It’s not exactly 100% ‘clean’ as I included 1 piece of prosciutto, but its summer and I like to entertain and who wants a boring salad? If you’re anything like me, you can sit down with a fork and finish this bad boy off for lunch. Some may double or triple the recipe (depending on mouths to feed) and make it a salad to bring to a party or potluck. Some may not like salad dressing, some may drizzle a bit of your favourite low fat ranch all over this bad boy.

low carb, high protein cob salad