This year I thought it would be cute to start a new family tradition. I have seen on various places online of people starting a memory jar. The aim is to fill a jar with written down moments by the end of the year and open it again on New Years Eve to read all of the amazing things that happened throughout the year. Things you can write down include: accomplishing your goals, surprise gifts, natural beauty in day-to-day life, funny moments, daily blessings and things that make you happy.

I love this for two reasons: Firstly, you actively go out of your way to think of these moments and therefore, enforces a positive mindset and outlook. Secondly, you have a great way of remembering the little things- whether it be your children say something hilarious or the way your husband hugs you. Thirdly, it encourages you to be grateful. It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget to be thankful and grateful and I think this is a great family tool to encourage gratitude.

I managed to find my gorgeous little memory jar (pictured at the top) from a cheap home wares store called Ned’s. Can you believe it only cost me $8?! I am sure there are many similar jars available, particularly online.

I have been having a look at other peoples memory jars, have a look and get inspired!


jar of your sweetest memories

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My Gratitude Jar for 2014 (free printable included)

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