Are you the type to make the same new years resolutions each year and every year fail and fall back into your comfort zone?  Yeah, me too. For years now every year my resolutions are:
1) Stop biting my nails

2) Stop swearing

3) Stop saying negative things about myself and others

4) Lose weight

5) Financially get ahead

Basically, all my goals have been ‘don’t do this ever again’, ‘stop this’, ‘don’t do that’. Which is a silly way to look at things. I mean, I will swear again and there will be a dickhead in parliament (they can’t get rid of them all, right?) so I am doomed to eventually say something negative. Before I began, I have already failed my new years resolutions again. But not this year. This year, my goals will be:

1) Document all the happy, silly, funny, sweet moments with either a picture or it written down in my memory jar

2) Talk kinder

3) Focus on eating healthier

4) Find ways to be active as a family

5) Get thrifty

This year instead of focusing on what not to do, what to stop, what to restrict, I want to focus on the glass half full. And stuff the nail biting. If it was going to happen, it would’ve happened in the first 7 years I put it as my resolution. I’ve decided that to do something like ‘stop swearing’ was just stupid. I mean, what on earth happens when I stub my toe?! It was unrealistic. Focusing on what to achieve instead of what to eliminate seems like a more achievable, healthier and more positive goal.

I am stupidly excited for next year- we’ve bought a house and will be doing a lot of renovations to it (I hope you all like DIY home improvement posts!), I am setting up a home gym and will be most of my fitness posts in there and I have some really cool posts and ideas coming up!