Before I started lifting weights, I was into running. I love the endorphin rush, the sunshine and fresh air. I love the mental down time I get from exercise, how I can truly think, plan and organize the thoughts that would otherwise cause my mind to be frazzled. But it wasn’t always that way.

I was really quite physically insecure growing up and can still feel that way occasionally. The thing is, I didn’t like the way I looked or felt and I certainly didn’t appreciate my body and would lash out with insecurity.

There are two people in this world: People who will and people who won’t. People who will find a way and people who will find an excuse. So I began to find ways to make myself look and feel better- and the best way I have found is exercise!

Not only do you look better, you appreciate your body like never before. Suddenly I became grateful for having to legs that could leg press 120kg and arms that could do 40 proper pushups without needing a break. Why did I need to be thin when I could be strong?

Since I was 12 I hated my body. I vividly remember wanting to diet then. The number 1 thing I dreaded about myself was my thighs. O my gosh how I wasted my teens wanting them to be thin! Now that I am into lifting weights, I am looking to gain muscle. After all, more muscle= more calories burnt daily= I can eat more!

With all this exercise came endorphins and I found myself with more energy to do the things I previously and a greater outlook on life. After about 6 months of eating healthy and exercising I didn’t feel self-conscious for the first time since I could remember.

If you are struggling with feeling self-conscious or insecure try finding an exercise whether it be walking, running, swimming, yoga, pilates or weights and watch the insecurities slowly melt away.



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