Paul and Stella

To all you mamas out there, I have a super cool product to show you! Whether you formula feed or breastfeed, you will be interested in this bottle!

I have been given the opportunity to try and review Paul and Stella’s self-heating bottle! This super cool gadget allows you to heat a bottle of formula or breast milk on the go with no electricity, batteries, hot water or dangerous microwaves. It uses concentrated salt that generates heat when activated. It even comes with an external thermometer so you can know just how warm the bottle is.

The Paul and Stella bottle not only becomes warm within a few minutes, but stays warm for up to 90 minutes!

When I first used the bottle, I did notice it’s size. I didn’t have an issue finding a place for it in my nappy bag, but I did have an issue finding an insulated bag for it. Paul and Stella do sell ones on their website (along with super cute goodies like baby bags!) but I needed to head out to the shops right then, so I quickly whipped up a DIY insulated bottle bag and set off to the shops.

Maddy drinks 180mL per feed (approx. 200mL with formula) which makes for a tight fit in the bottle. I have tried mixing the formula different ways but feel that I need just a bit more room to mix easier. If you were expressing breast milk you would not have an issue at all.

I really like how they include a sealing disc that goes between bottle and teat to prevent leakage. I have lost count of how many times I have had bottles leak throughout my bottle bag and even nappy bag. Most companies make this an extra purchase, but Paul and Stella include this in their bottles which is really thoughtful.

They have orthodontic teats which help prevent colic. Maddy doesn’t drink too well from these teats, but it is not such a big deal as Paul and Stella bottles are compatible with NUK teats which is fantastic. Again, most bottle companies don’t have products compatible with other brands but this is really handy, especially if the teat is damaged or lost and you don’t have time to wait for it to be posted to you. It also means that your purchase isn’t wasted if your baby is fussy with teats.

I love the convenience of this bottle and would definitely recommend this to anyone who is breastfeeding or expressing. I haven’t personally used this with breast milk as I don’t breastfeed anymore, but I really wish I had this when I was breast feeding! It would’ve made date nights so much easier!

Paul and Stella baby bottles retail for $49.95 which is pretty reasonable considering all it can do. You can find Paul and Stella bottles along with their full product range at their website and keep updated with their Facebook page.


Paul and Stella self-heating baby bottle

Disclaimer: Paul and Stella sent me one bottle to review at no cost. All views and opinions are my own.