I have recently rebranded myself from Fit Fun Mum to Balancing Ellie.

It’s a bit of a change, but I no longer want the ‘Fit Mum’ label nor stigma. My passion in life is health and fitness. I get up at 5.30am on my days off (and sometimes rostered days on), just to make sure I can workout. I also eat take away and like the occasional drink. The thing is, ‘Fit Mum’ comes with this almost hateful stigma that is quite judgmental. I’ve had death stares, eye rolls and back handed comments about being working mother and working out (because according to them you can’t do both!). You see, working out has been the only way I can stay off of antidepressants so to have comments like this don’t make me upset, they make me furious. There is no way I can be a good mother, fiancé and worker if I am depressed and an hour at the gym 4-5 times a week personally makes me a happier and more motivated (and everyone benefits).

I also don’t want to feel limited by my name. I am not just a mum or a gym bunny, I am much more! I am a shift worker, home maker, part time renovator, full time mother and fiance. I juggle it all.

Balancing Ellie is about documenting the process of learning to balance a busy life and create harmony in a chaotic life. I have a focus on health, well-being and fitness that comes from a  busy mothers point-of-view.

Balancing Ellie isn’t about stigma’s or dividing working mothers and non-working mothers. Balancing Ellie is about bringing together all women, regardless of whether or not they are a working mother, stay-at-home mother, work-at-home mother, or not even a mother at all to embrace life’s challenges and still manage to find time for what you value as important.

I am super excited about my new venture in life, and cannot wait to share it with you!