When I first began looking into cloth nappies, I was put off completely by one question that kept coming up, ‘what do I do with the poop?’. I really could not be stuffed dealing with the poop! I started my cloth nappy journey with bamboo liners and whilst they are a life saver, I noticed she broke out in a rash when I used them continuously. What is a mamma to do? Well, there is a very clever lady who has produced a genius product that helps you deal with the poop whilst not touching the nappy!

I feel very honored to be one of the first people in Australia to use the Spray Pal. The Spray Pal is a quick, easy, hygienic gadget to help clean soiled cloth nappies. The Spray Pal is not only made from 50% recycled plastic, but is also BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.

This product is an absolute must have for anyone looking to use or are currently using reusable nappies. If you have any upcoming baby showers, a great idea would be this and a couple of cute nappies.

So what is it? The Spray Pal is a genius product that holds soiled nappies whilst you clean them with a high pressure sprayer. The benefit is that it makes the process quicker, more pleasant, and less messy (prevents splashing all over walls, flooring and surrounding objects- ew!). They fold down flat and can be tucked away behind the toilet, door, or cupboard. I have a little house and only one little toilet and still manage to fit the Spray Pal and a toilet sprayer with ease.

How to use

The Spray Pal is super straight forward and doesn’t really require many instructions. The main thing to remember is to hold it low enough over the toilet to eliminate splashing on to the floor.

Source: Spray Pal

My experience

My hubby is a bit of a handy man and he assembled a sink sprayer (you can find one of these at Bunnings)
I personally love how much easier this has made my experience with cloth nappies. I used to loathe the dreaded poopy nappy but it has now become so much more tolerable.

My Spray Pal lives sneakily behind the bin 
Like my DIY toilet sprayer? I got it all at Bunnings!

A man’s input

My partner has used the Spray Pal as well! He only required a very vague direction of how to use it (don’t hold it up too high and splash my clean floor!). He seemed to think it was ‘pretty good’ which coming from him was one of the most descriptive responses to a question I have had all year.

I asked him if he would rather use our old set up or the new one including a toilet sprayer and Spray Pal. He said ‘oh yeah, this is much better! I didn’t even have to touch the nappy after I clipped it in! He has his own Man System where after he has finished spraying the nappy, he runs it to the nappy bin whilst still clipped in to the Spray Pal and releases the clip over the bin.

My Spray Pal has been living in my wet bag lately

If you are interested in purchasing a Spray Pal, you can buy it online. Don’t forget to ‘like’ them on Facebook as well (they have a give away happening right now!)

Disclaimer: Spray Pal have provided me with the product mentioned to review at no cost. All views and opinions are my own.