diy baby sensory play
Sensory play has been one of the greatest activities to entertain my daughter lately. She’s 6 months old and has been demanding constant engagement and stimulation when awake. Sensory play has been one of her favourite activities and games.Sensory play is important to babies, toddlers, and children by increasing cognitive development, social skills, physical skills, as well as communication skills.
My do-it-yourself baby sensory play is hands-on playing with paint. This activity is so great because they get to experience the fun of finger painting without any of the mess! Clean up time is a breeze, just put the bag in the bin. Playing with the paint requires coordination and development of fine motor skills.
diy baby sensory play

You’ll need:

A ziplock bag
Non-toxic, water based paint
Masking tape
Simply put desired amount of paint in the ziplock bag and gently press excess air out before sealing. Keep the bag in place with masking tape.
If your baby has long fingernails or is scratching at the bag, consider using 2 bags.