After trying countless brands and styles of cloth nappies I have a big statement to make. You ready for it? Funki Bums is by far my favourite modern cloth nappy.

I have tried 4 pocket nappy brands, 1 snap in brand and 2 all-in-one nappy brands. I have had some really good and really less than enjoyable experiences trying as many different brands and styles that I could.

I think it’s safe to say, I have found ‘the one’ and I want to stop looking now.

Funki Bums provided me with the products pictured

Who are Funki Bums?

Funki Bums is a family owned and operated business in Perth, Australia. They sell modern cloth nappies, nappy accessories, breastfeeding accessories (like breastfeeding covers), as well as super cute children’s clothes and costumes.

What are Funki Bums nappies?

Funki Bums nappies are pocket nappies. They are one-size-fits-most nappies with snaps to adjust size of nappy and fit around legs. Standard nappies have two inserts (1x bamboo, 1x microfiber) and their ultra-absorbent bamboo nappies have a bamboo liner sewn in (like an all-in-one) and pocket with a bamboo booster.

Funki Bums also offer all-in-one mini nappies for newborns weighing 1.8-5.5kg.

Funki Bumbs bamboo nappies


Quality! I absolutely love the quality of fabric, stitching, and snaps. I have been using these nappies everyday for several months and they still look as good as new. With Maddy being my first baby, I am looking for nappies that I can use again on my next child rather than buy new ones each time and these look like they’ll do the job.Each standard nappy comes with 2 inserts (1x bamboo, 1x microfiber) to help personalize to meet your babies needs.

Cost. These are one of the cheapest nappies I have found yet, which proves my theory: expensive nappies do not equal good nappies. In fact, the most expensive nappy I have bought to date is the worst nappy I own. The only reason why I still own it? Because it set me back nearly $30 and I just can’t seem to let it go. These nappies are $11.99 each for standard nappies, $15.00 each for bamboo, and $12.00 each for mini all-in-one nappies.

They have super cute patterns! You know how everyone goes crazy for ‘exclusive’ cloth nappy patterns? I can guarantee their selections do not even come close to the variety on Funki Bums. They have everything from My Little Pony, to Ninja Turtles, to even Dr. Seuss! Have a little one going through a nudie stage? Try putting them in these very cool and very cute patterned nappies!

Good fit. Leg fit is kind of a deal breaker when it comes to cloth nappies. So does quality of elastic. I love the fit on these nappies and the ability to adjust the legs. I have compared them to my other one-size-fits-most nappies and they are bigger, meaning that they’ll last her longer than others. I don’t know how, but these nappies (even though they are a larger cut) are not bulkier than my others.

Quick drying time. When it comes to drying time, I love being able to pop the inserts in the dryer. The shells don’t take long to dry (even in winter), but on a cold day it is so handy to be able to pop the inserts in the dryer!

Absorbency. My daughter is a heavy wetter and I love that the bamboo option makes a great overnight nappy! I have tried to find overnight nappies, but they are quite costly which has made me too nervous to invest. I hear of many people saying they use cloth during the day and a disposable at night. If you are one of these people, try the bamboo nappies. They’re still much cheaper than most cloth nappies and have the ability to hold twice as much liquid as a microfiber nappy!


Potential size issue. Standard nappies fit from 4kg to 16kg. My daughter was 3.02kg when born, so if you are looking into cloth nappies from the beginning you may want to try their mini nappies that are all-in-one and fit babies 1.8-5.5kg. To be honest, I doubt I can find a one-size-fits-most nappy that is not too bulky on a new born and for my next baby I will have newborn nappies.

If you are interested in Funki Bums nappies or perhaps some of their other products, you can find them on their website or Facebook page.

Funki Bums cloth nappies

Disclosure: I have received products by Funki Bums to review at no cost. All opinions are my own.