luxury gym bag essentials

My gym sessions are treasured time, but very closely monitored. I manage to make my workout sessions effective in 30 to 45 minutes.

I have a few things in my gym bag to help me make the most of my workout which I would like to share with you. Most of these things live in my bag out of pure ease and forgetfulness. The less time it takes for me to get in the car, the less time I spend convincing myself to go.

My gym bag is just back pack that can be thrown in the washing machine if need be. Sometimes stinky gym clothes or a protein shaker can make an escape through my bag and I like to be able to throw the whole thing in the washing machine if need be.

Here are a few essentials for the luxe gym goer:


Make-up removing wipes

You don’t want to go to the gym dressed up, it’s not a good look to have your mascara dripping down your face after cardio, or patches of foundation missing where you’ve wiped the sweat from your forehead. Make-up removing wipes are quick, easy, affordable and can stop you from being an eye sore if you have come straight from work.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a great idea for anyone who suffers from post-workout greasy hair. Its unrealistic at times to wash and style your hair everyday. Dry shampoo helps stretch out the time in between washes to keep your locks styled for longer. Keeping this in your gym bag means you can step out looking like you’ve had a relaxing morning sleeping in and not at a spin class.


I always spritz myself a couple of extra times with deodorant before I work out. Again, if you have been at work earlier that day, a bottle of deodorant in your gym bag can help you from being the smelly one doing lateral raises.

Body wash and moisturiser

If you shower at the gym, go for something that can save you time. I like liquid body washes and a spray on moisturiser. I love products that make me feel lavish without blowing the budget. A spray on moisturiser is a new, fancy way to apply moisturiser.

Tinted moisturisers help maintain a glowing, healthy complexion without clogging pores.

A protein shaker

I keep a protein shaker in my bag with protein powder in it. When I am finished I squirt a bit of water from my bottle in it and I am ready to go! I find if I have my water mixed in for too long it becomes gluggy and intolerable so I make it up quickly when I need it.

Alcohol gel

Most people don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet, wiping their nose, sneezing etc. Alcohol gel helps prevent getting a cold or worse after after using equipment. Whilst I don’t use alcohol gel very often outside of work, I make a point of using it here. Time sick, is time spent away from the gym and gym time is my time.

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