Today was a personal feat for me: I was able to get my 6 month old daughter out of the car seat, unlock the side gate, unlock the back door, turn off the alarm, and get her into bed with out being woken. She has just recently graduated from her capsule to her big girl car seat so gone are the days of taking the capsule inside with asleep bubs in tow.

Car rides with babies can either be pure magic or agony. If she needs a nappy change or is hungry, boy will she make your life miserable until it’s fixed! Other times I go out for drives because she loves the scenery, different noises and is completely quiet whilst I need a moment that doesn’t include the high pitched noises of kids TV or a screeching child.

Most weekends we go out somewhere. We just get in the car and try to find somewhere to go. It has been too cold to go outside or drive somewhere like the park or the beach so lately we have been picking shops far away like Ikea. Generally she gets an hour sleep in the car and is able to be stimulated by all the different noises and scenery whilst we are out.

Yes, I am now that person that looks forward to Ikea’s meatballs, or walking through a farmer’s market as the highlight to their entire weekend.

I know many may not have the same experience, but for me, getting in the car and driving with my family is like a little mini vacation. Whilst we are out I do not have to do laundry, dishes, or tidy up (…did I mention laundry?!). Even if it is a 30 minute round trip, that means it is 30 minutes without the television on, or my partner on his iPhone. Driving for me is an escape from the jungle that is my living room.

This weekend we decided to go for a drive to Hahndorf. It takes about an hour there and back. The preparation for my little day trip took well over an hour. Once we conquered the ordeal that was packing, we made the drive up. On the way up our daughter, Maddy slept like an angel. Talk about lucky! We then wandered through little trinket stores, cafes, and local art museums. She sat on my hip quietly watching, waiting to get her little chubby fingers on anything within her reach!


As per usual, we had to make a pit stop to refuel. Steve gave it his best shot at feeding Maddy- I tell you what, it’s not easy to get a baby to eat food when she’s blowing raspberries!


Refueling before going to the playground

After a quick coffee and bottle, we made our way to the playground. I think I enjoyed it more than Maddy!

I could not get her to stick that tongue back in her mouth!

The ride home was less than pleasant. She was far too over tired and far too over stimulated for the day. She screamed all the way down the highway until she fell asleep from exhaustion. All I can say is when your child is screaming and you’re going down a highway full of speed cameras, thank goodness for cruise control!


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