fit fun mum hippybottmus cloth nappy review
I’m back again looking at the Hippybottomus nappies!

Have you seen part 1 of my review?

I have been using their modern cloth nappy/diaper for the past couple of weeks. My opinion on the nappies is still the same- they are amazing!

Value for money

At $12.95 each, there are not many in the competitive price range. And with Hippybottomus, you definitely are getting bang for your buck. I have been doing a lot of research online and I see a lot of cloth nappies being sold for over $30 each which I think is absolutely absurd for something that is going to be pooped all over. Hippybottomus prove that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good quality and reliable cloth nappy.

Great design

I am a big fan of their pocket design. There is no flap that flies around and I have noticed this significantly reduces leaks and the wet back from an over wet nappy.

I also love how you can adjust the snaps around the legs. Whilst my daughter isn’t underweight, she is definitely tall and on the leaner side. I love how these fit snuggly around her legs and even during the biggest wee or number three. My little miss has had a couple of explosions in this nappy and is yet to come near a leak!

Quick Dry

I also love their microfiber inserts. I have found that they are absorbent enough to contain my little girls biggest wet nappies, yet still have the benefit of a quick dry time. And anything that makes life easier is a must for me!

fit fun mum hippybottmus cloth nappy review
Disclaimer: Hippybottomus provided the product shown. All opinions are my own.