Fit Fun Mum B.Box baby bottle review
This weekend we made a family trip out to Ikea! I have been partially breastfeeding, partially formula feeding and have been looking for the easiest and most convenient way to feed my baby when using a bottle. I have been trolling the internet and have come across the B.Box baby bottle.
So what is the B.Box baby bottle? It is a tricky little life saver that will make you think, ‘now why didn’t I think of that?!’. The baby bottle allows you to store your water and formula in the same container and mix when required.
Fit Fun Mum B.Box baby bottle review
Source: B.Box

I decided to try the B.Box bottle for a number of reasons:

1) I won’t possibly contaminate the formula with germs or bacteria whilst fumbling around with the powder and water as it is all contained and ready to go.
2) It’s easy for my fianc√© to figure out. He can’t really stuff it up and that is a massive peace of mind for me.
3) It’s quick. She goes from ‘no thanks I’m full’ to ‘I am so hungry I’ll scream this restaurant down’ in less than 5 seconds. It’s stressful trying to feed a hungry baby in public and I am all for anything that will make the whole situation faster and more efficient.

Fit Fun Mum B.Box baby bottle review

Fit Fun Mum B.Box baby bottle review cute bottle carrier
Fit Fun Mum B.Box baby bottle review
The B.Box baby bottle ready for action
The B.Box bottle has Dad’s tick of approval!

So how did my experience go? Fantastically! I was really worried with the numerous parts that the bottle may leak, but it made it an hour car drive and about 45 min in the store without any issues at all. The carry bag kept my bottle nice and warm and ready to go.

I really like the teat on the bottle. I have been having a problem with my baby girl spitting out milk whilst drinking from the Avent bottles but she managed to drink all the milk from this bottle and not wear it all over her bib! YAY!

I also like that she didn’t burp as much afterwards as opposed to my Avent bottles I usually use. Happy baby= happy mum!

So, if you are after a way to make your life easier as a busy mum, I would definitely recommend giving this bottle a go!

If you’re a little curious about the B.Box baby bottle you can find more information about the bottle and the rest of their range at their website and their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: B.Box supplied me with the products pictured. All opinions are my own.