I’m kicking off my Saturday with a superset! This Saturday I have chosen to work on my core strength with an abdominal workout.

This workout is fantastic because all you need is yourself! …and doctors clearance before beginning any new exercises (but that was obvious, right?).

What is a superset? Well, a superset is also known as a circuit. Superset sounds more badass so lets stick with it. Superset involves doing one set of exercises (i.e. 20 sit ups) then doing another set of exercises (i.e. 20 pushups) without a rest in between.

What are the benefits of a superset workout? If you’re short on time, a reduced rest period cuts the workout time. It has cardio benefits as reduced rest time means less time for heart rate to drop. It helps gain endurance. They help ‘shock’ your muscles. You need to keep your body guessing to see maximum results and this is one way of many.

exercise: plank

exercise: side plank
Side Plank

Exercise: spiderman pushup
Spiderman Pushup

Exercise: Bicycle