My first modern cloth nappy (MCN) came for review today! I am looking forward to finish prepping the nappy!

Who is Hippybottomus?

Hippybottomus is a fairly new Australian MCN company owned and run by a work at home mum. Their nappies are really quite affordable at only $12.95 each. The quality of the nappies and the liner/insert is so impressive I will be buying some extras for my stash to continue to use!

Tell me about their nappies:

I love that they can fit 3kg to 17kg. This ensures value for money as I won’t have to buy more as she grows and can even use them for my next child!

The snaps mean they are adjustable in height, width, as well as custom fitting around the legs. I do like how the nappies have the ability to overlap at the waist. The insert is something that I am really impressed with. It not only feels great, but also has an extra seam to keep everything in place and to last longer.

Their colours can be plain and practical or super cute and fun. I definitely have my eye on the denim and trees pattern!
Whilst this review is only an initial opinion, I will continue to review Hippybottomus over the next month as I continue to use their sample, and I take her to child care. Please follow me and subscribe so you don’t miss out on any future cloth nappy reviews.

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Pictures of Hippybottomus nappy:

(My teething bubba didn’t want to take her hand out of her mouth!)

hippybottomus modern cloth nappy

hippybottomus modern cloth nappy

hippybottomus modern cloth nappy

hippybottomus modern cloth nappy

Disclaimer: Hippybottomus only supplied Fit Fun Mum with the product mentioned, all opinions and views are my own.