The past few weeks I have been skipping the gym quite a bit. I have been telling myself it’s okay as I am spending more time with my baby. Well, it’s not. I have not been setting a good example, I have not been looking after myself and as a result I have been feeling less happy, and my insomnia has been creeping back in. Not to mention when I don’t feel good about myself, I feel insecure about myself and my relationships.

So… I have called myself out on being a slacker and now I am setting up a challenge! That’s right I am starting right now on a Saturday! You don’t have to wait for Monday, or the first of the month, or after you’ve eaten all the junk in the house, or after a big event. Don’t put off achieving your goals any longer and join me now!

2 week challenge guidelines:

1) Take before and after photos and/or measurements.

2) Eat whole, unprocessed produce. Eat as clean as possible for 2 weeks- no ‘cheat meals’.

3) Up your fruit and vegetable intake. If you don’t like vegetables think about making your own soups and smoothies with veggies hidden in them. Experiment with different fruits and vegetables that you don’t normally buy or eat- you may find a new favourite!

4) Workout 5 times a week.

5) Be active with your children for at least 30 minutes everyday. Whether this is walking, or playing or, riding a bike. Get outside, play with them, and lead by example.

Whilst this is not as intense or full on as other guidelines and weight loss challenges out there- I prefer to keep my goals realistic and keep pushing myself further a little at a time.

I think it is really important to be active and interact with your children. It is imperative they grow up with an active lifestyle which has become habitual so they do not need to learn to form this habit as an adult.

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My before pictures (nearly 4 months postpartum):