save money with a newborn

There are so many unnecessary expenses as a new mother. Media, family, friends, companies all push for these excessive and expensive products. I’m here to say just because you don’t pick the most expensive, flash, new product out there, does not mean you do not love your child any less.

Here are a few ways to make your upcoming bundle a little less expensive:

1- Go second hand for the big things. These days second hand does not mean ‘worn’ or sometimes even ‘used’. Sometimes people have barely used something, bought it and never used it, or been given it as a gift and have let it sit in their cupboard or garage completely unused.

2- Wait for the sales. A pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, so you don’t have to rush out and buy everything all at once. There are usually big sales on. Google is your best friend with this. I went online and sought out when large stores (think: Target, Big W, Toys’R’Us) have their sales. They generally have them at the same time-ish each year.

3- Buy a few baby onsies and a going home outfit. That’s it. I bought so many 0000/newborn clothes. I knew I was having a smaller baby, and I barely used any of them. Firstly, the weather was unusually cold for that time of year and secondly she was too tall!

4- Don’t waste your money on an expensive pram. I bought a pram that was on the more expensive end, but was sensible. It is light, I can jog with it, it folds in one piece (so important- I cannot stress this enough!), has a very large weight limit and wheels that don’t puncture.

5- Don’t buy expensive bedding. I did and I regret it. I spent more than I care to admit on it only for it to be pee’d on, poo’d on, dribbled on, and vomited on. If I knew better, I would have chosen a cute bedding set at a fraction of the price.