Whilst domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women, did you know it also affects 1 in 7 men? Chances are you know one of these men.

(image credit: YouTube)

Many have probably already seen this video through their Facebook feeds. This is video is something that really resonates with me. Fewer things in this world anger me more than a woman emasculating a man and I was shocked to see the statistic that 40% of domestic violence is against men.

This is disgusting and totally needs to change. A few weeks ago I was talking to a girl friend of mine who was quite casual about discussing with me how physical she would get against her boyfriend in arguments. She spoke so calmly of calling him names, speaking down to him, hitting him, shoving him, pushing him up against a wall. The way she worded it was as if she was expecting me to join in. I guess I must have given that vibe off due to my feisty personality- but I can assure you, that cannot be further from the truth. She quickly became quiet when I told her that the behavior just isn’t okay and that she is doing irreparable damage to their relationship. I continued to tell her whilst we make joke around and have a laugh calling each other names or lovingly making fun of each other, when we argue we do not yell, do not scream, do not call each other names and have never, ever, ever gotten physical.

…And in case you were interested, this upset me so much I have phased her out of my life.

So what can we do to decrease this statistic?

I think we need to take away how socially acceptable it is for a woman to hit a man. Lets take the show King of Queens for example. I struggle to find an episode where Carrie doesn’t physically abuse Doug, but with the audience laughing in the background we are conditioned to view this as ok, acceptable, and even funny.

The next step is to all the parents out there raising children. The next generation is being raised by you and the ball is in your court as to how you raise them. Children are blank canvases and their views and opinions are largely influenced by the views and opinions of those around them. Mum? Dad? This means you.

What are your views on the video and domestic violence towards men?