Earlier today I announced I was starting a review series and now I am ready to share it with you: cloth nappies!! My cloth nappy review series will be an on going series. What makes my reviews different? Well, I will be going back to work and will have my baby in childcare so my reviews will not only be from me, but I will include any input from the child care as well (not to mention my fiancé!).

I have been a devoted Huggies nappy user. My fiancé insists we buy them for the ‘wetness indicator’. But in Australia, they are the most expensive nappies on the market. To top it off, my daughter pee’s all day and is a princess and must me changed immediately. Needless to say, I have been spending a lot of money on nappies, nappy sacks, creams, powders and wipes. I bought a nappy bin originally- it is ridiculously over priced- $10 per refill?! Yeah, um… no thanks!!

With the issue of expense, comes garbage. This is the main reason I wanted to try cloth nappies. My poor little bin is overflowing every single week. Nappies take up a lot of space! Every week nappies have been taking up at least 1/3 of the entire bin! Some people are driven to use cloth nappies due to the issue on land fill and the environment. I just want to be able to shut the lid on my wheelie bin.

My little pee machine goes through at least 12 nappies per day!

Although cost and bin space are my two main motives for changing to cloth, there are many more reasons to switch to reusable nappies:

1) Environmental factors. Did you know that every disposable nappy ever put in the bin still exists today? Disposable nappies take centuries to break down! It has been estimated that 800,000,000 single use nappies from home waste systems are put in landfill annually.*

2) They’re cute! Modern cloth nappies come in some seriously adorable prints. These beat the boring disposable nappies.

3) They are cheaper! For your first child, cloth nappies cost an average of $480, where as disposables cost $3,000+. Cloth nappies can be reused for subsequent siblings for the cost of only washing.**

4) There is a lower occurrence of nappy rash with cloth nappy users than disposable nappies. It is easier to control what chemicals come into contact with your child’s skin if you use cloth nappies.**

*Disposable nappies and other sanitary items: Fact by Clarence Valley Council 2012.
** Cloth Nappy Guide by City of Casey, Victoria