Both myself and my 3.5month old baby girl have spent the weekend sick. It has been a bit of a learning curve for me as she has never been sick before.

Things I have learnt this weekend:

1- I need more tissues. 2 boxes is not enough.

2- Wet wipes are heavenly when your nose is red and sore.

3- Baby Panadol/paracetamol is disgusting. I swear they have never tried it themselves or tried to get a sick baby who is screaming to take it.

4- My trick for getting her to take baby paracetamol? Mix it with about 40mL of formula or breast milk. She gobbled it all up.

5- Keep a vaporizer handy. I used a Vicks vaporizer which helped my little one tremendously over night. If you don’t have one strongly consider getting one.

6- My fiancé is beyond amazing. He looked after both myself and our baby girl and helped hang out laundry, make me cups of tea, and changed the baby countless times over the weekend. Thank God for good men!

7- Feeding a baby with a blocked nose requires a whole new level of patience and understanding. More frequent, smaller feeds made it more tolerable for both of us.

Glad to say, although we are not 100% we are both on the mend and hopefully do not have to experience this again for quite some time!