increase breast milk supply

A little while ago, I started medication again (contraceptive) and even though it was recommended to me for being safe whilst breast feeding, I saw a considerable drop in my supply.

I wasn’t too concerned as I had an over supply (and a very full freezer) but I wanted to continue my freezer stash in hopes of being able to feed my baby breast milk even after I have returned to work.

I began searching the internet for tips and tricks on increasing your supply. A lot of women say ‘nurse nurse nurse!’ ummm… what if you nurse a lot already? I certainly did! I couldn’t feed her when she didn’t want it. I felt a little annoyed. Some women say pump for 10-20 min after each feed. Some women suggested feeding from one breast whilst pumping from the other. Then there are the cookies, the teas, the supplements.

It all sounded really high maintenance to be honest.

The breast pump I swear by: The Spectra S2

Then I stumbled across an interesting suggestion- after your feeds (if you are breast feeding), to pump for 10 minutes, stop for 10 minutes and repeat for 1 hour. This mimics a growth spurt and increases your supply. I did twice a day for a few days.

Boy did it work!

Since then, I have managed to maintain the supply increase. No tablets, no cookies, no stress with extra nursing time. And now am in the process of weaning before returning to work (with a freezer full of liquid gold!)

I hope this has helped some mums out there!