A lot of things have happened in my first week of having my baby girl and this post is overdue! I must say I have been enjoying these days at home with my fiancé and daughter and did not want to miss out on a single moment! So between feeds, nappy changes, a lot of visitors, and a broken computer- I have gone a little too long without an update.

Maddy is fantastic! She makes my heart swell just when I look at her. She has an excellent appetite and we have no issues feeding her. She has been sleeping well in between feeds, and spends a few hours every day (first thing in the morning, and around dinner time in the evening) awake and quietly stares at things close to her. She has been very relaxed and easy going at this point. Everyone comments on how calm and content she has been.

I had been preparing to deal with the baby blues since my third trimester. I knew I would be susceptible to this and my fiancé has been fantastic at asking me daily, if not more frequently, how I am managing. We discussed previously what we would do if I developed post partum depression and thankfully I have not felt depressed or overwhelmed at all so far. We have been preventing the baby blues and postpartum depression with daily walks outside in the fresh air and sunshine, getting out of the house and continuing living life, eating healthily (well, trying!), and my very helpful fiancé helping out with dirty nappies, and feeding her some expressed milk so I can get an extra sleep in.

My body changed a lot in the first week. My abs felt a lot like jelly even when I was trying to contract them and since I have felt them get stronger. I haven’t had any diastasis recti (abdominal separation), and have been using a compression garment- Vespa and Ladybird belly wrap to help not only support my stomach, but guide it back to how it used to be. Due to the number of visitors I have had this week, I have mainly used the wrap at night and when sleeping and I have noticed a huge difference with it. I am 4kgs away from my pre baby body but my composition has changed significantly and I will definitely be hitting the weights again in a few weeks.

In all honesty, I have had a fairly poor diet the first week. My breakfasts and snacks have been spot on, and most of my lunches have been healthy, although I have struggled preparing dinner after a long day of entertaining guests and feeding after being up every 3 hours the night before. I have only had 1 afternoon nap since she has been born (for 30 min), the rest of the time I have been too busy- and the moments I do have to rest, I find myself doing laundry or cleaning. Over the next few days, its my goal to eat healthy for all 3 meals and snacks.

Below is my body throughout my first week postpartum:

Me at exactly 1 week postpartum