I love to do meal preparation on a Sunday afternoon to prepare for the week ahead. This generally entails portioning out my breakfast, snacks, lunch, and a couple of dinners. Since becoming pregnant, I personally only food prep for 3 days in advance, meaning I do another prep night mid week. I have been doing this for a while, and by frequently ‘meal prepping’ I have become more time efficient at this. So to all the newbies out there: Stick with it. It gets easier because you get better. Being so quick at this, it generally only takes an hour, and saves me a lot of time in the kitchen throughout the week.
I intend to do this with a newborn as who wants to spend any extra time in the kitchen or away from their baby when they could spend those precious moments with their new bundle, family or catching up on sleep?
My current meal prep this Sunday was minimal as I am not sure when I will be going into labour. I have only prepped breakfast, two different types of snacks and lunch. I am the kind of girl that can eat the same thing day in, day out and not complain, but my partner is the opposite. For this reason, I try not to cook too far in advance for dinner unless I have something different available for him. He isn’t much of a healthy eater (which is fine by me and I will cover at a later date), so he is more than happy if I have mac’n’cheese, pizza, or wedges ready for him.

Breakfast prep:

3 x overnight oats.
This takes less than 2 min to prepare into portion controlled containers.
1/2 cup old fashioned oats with 2/3 cup almond milk. Its that simple. When I go to eat it, it will be either plain, or with a little Greek yoghurt and honey, or fruit and yoghurt, or a sprinkle of Stevia. This is perfect to prepare if you are a breastfeeding mum as oats will help boost your milk supply.


3 x fruit salad.
This takes about 10 min to prepare. I simply chop up fruit I enjoy and is in season, and top with a little lime juice and then mix to ensure even coverage. The acid in the lime juice stops the fruit from browning, as well as adds a little kick. Another great idea is to mix with passion fruit pulp! Having portioned out fruit salad mixes act as a great healthy snack and can easily be made more substantial by quickly and easily adding Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese as you decide to eat them.

Fruit and nut mix.
This is another 2 min job. Portion out as desired. Keep in mind dried fruit is a condensed sugar source and nuts are very calorie dense as well. By portioning them out, you are able to help prevent going overboard (and I find that very easy to do with nuts!)


Chicken salad.
I made a batch of chicken salad to use as desired throughout the week. This will include on rye bread, in wraps, and on a bed of leafy greens. You can check out my versatile chicken salad recipe I posted earlier this week here.


I hope you have enjoyed a little brief insight into my meal prep and have some ideas to try yourself. Feel free to add anymore ideas or ask a question in the comments below.


(Fit Fun Mum)