I have always had this stereotype of chiropractors being voodoo doctors that crack your neck in the similar fashion to CIA agents killing the bad guys in movies. I really avoided them like the plague. I have been in many car accidents (never the driver- just a bad luck charm!), one time I met the guard rail of the express way twice, and as the physiotherapist described I had ‘pulled out a joint in my back’ and would likely have ongoing problems. Well, thankfully, I never had ongoing problems. And life continued as per usual.
When I became pregnant I was very active in the gym, I love my weights and I love my endorphin rush from exercise. I didn’t stop or slow down. My doctors said I was fit and healthy and didn’t need to. I developed hip pain in my 6th month and found out my mother had the same issue- she informed me she had a twisted pelvis with both her pregnancies along with a flat pelvis. The pain continually got worse. It was so bad I had pins and needles in my left hamstring and numbness on the sole of my left foot. In my profession, I am on my feet all day and work was excruciating. I would cry all the way to work every day and in the shower after every shift.
I was encouraged by a friend to see a chiropractor that specialised in pregnancy, and postpartum care. Although I still had my very uneducated and biased views on chiropractors, I was so desperate I was willing to try anything and everything.
I found an instant relief to the sharp nerve pain running down my leg from my first appointment. The days following the ache in my back and hips completely disintegrated and I was back to the elliptical machine after work, and not having any discomfort through out my day.
Admittedly, at 30 weeks the pain briefly came back for a week, and saw the chiropractor again with the same fantastic results: no more pain! I have been seeing my chiropractor on a regular basis and will continue to do so throughout the postpartum period also.
So why should you see a chiropractor regularly throughout your pregnancy?

  • Chiropractic care can help reduce the risk of In-Utero Constraint (where the baby is not in a desirable position- often breech).
  • Labour time can be reduced by 24% for new mums and 39% for mums with more kids.
  • Ease pain during labour and decrease need for painkillers during labour by 50%.
  • Decrease risk of back labour. Women who experience back pain during pregnancy are 3 times more likely to experience back labour.
  • 75% of all pregnant women who seek chiropractic care for back pain experience relief!

So, if you are miserable with aches and pains, or are merely looking for anything to shorten your labour time and decrease labour pain- give the chiro a go!


(Fit Fun Mum)