I decided quite early on into my pregnancy that I didn’t want a birth plan. Shock horror! I have seen many TV shows and movies of women running waddling through to labour and delivery clutching a detailed list of just exactly how their labours will be playing out.

There’s this little bit at the back of my antenatal book that asks you about your birth wishes. I have been asked several times throughout my pregnancy to fill out my wishes. I have been stubborn. I don’t want a plan. Plans change, complications can happen, interventions may be required and labour is a constantly changing game. Having a set in stone labour plan can be good to help alleviate anxieties prior to delivery, although can set you up for a lot of disappointment if everything doesn’t go 100% to plan. After all, the most important thing is that both mum and baby are safe and healthy, right? I think it is important to research all your options thoroughly, so should you need extra pain relief you are aware of what you would like to try first or would feel most comfortable trying.

Books, blogs, websites and doctors all encourage you to have a detailed and specific delivery plan. What happens when your delivery doesn’t go to plan?

When I say I don’t have a plan, I mean it. However, I do have an idea of what I want to try first in labour:

  • Water- bath or shower
  • Different positions: walking, squatting, on all fours, standing, birthing chair, laying on side, etc.
  • Gas
Anything further than gas is something I am willing to try, but would prefer to exhaust my other options first. I am not above getting an epidural. I had false labour earlier this week, and the contractions were primarily in my back- I can definitely see why an epidural may help keep your sanity! You see, this is why I am so calm and relaxed about giving birth. I don’t have the restriction and pressure of having to stick to one pathway. 
If you are feeling overwhelmed, or constricted with your birth plan, consider having a more relaxed plan or throwing the whole thing out the window!


(Fit Fun Mum)