I love working out far too much to start slowing down any time soon! I am nearly 40 weeks pregnant and loving how well I have treated myself throughout my pregnancy. My absolute favourite workouts are lower body workouts. I have always been most self conscious of my thighs- being a shorty the smallest weight gain can make them look chunky.

I have incorporated high intensity exercises with toning exercises for the ultimate fat blasting lower body workout. Regular bursts in cardio ensure your body will keep your body shocked and burning through the calories. Again ladies and gentlemen, I am not qualified to be giving out exercise advice for others, I do recommend you have a qualified professional guide you (particularly if you are pregnant). Obviously exercise is not supposed to hurt- so stop if it is uncomfortable. 
Should you have clearance from your doctor, I have included a cute printable check list down the bottom for you!

Wide legged squat (pulse 3 times when in squatting position before standing)

Weighted lunges (do not let front knee go past toes or back knee touch ground)

star jumps

Side stair jumps

Mountain climber (bring right knee to outside of right elbow, return to plank position then bring left knee to outside of left elbow and repeat as quickly as possible)

Bulgarian split squat (watch your front knee does not go past your toes, push through your heel and keep your butt tensed!)

Weighted donkey kick (squeeze your butt and pause before lowering leg)