Why you should keep going

Before I became pregnant, I had recently lost a lot of weight. I lost 10 kg in addition to gaining a lot of muscle. I was eating clean meals every 3 to 4 hours and lifting weights 5 days per week. I managed to get my body fat down to 17-18% and was becoming proud of my abs.
Its hard to think that 18 months ago I weighed almost as much as what I do now, being 39 weeks pregnant!
My breaking point was seeing a photo of myself at an engagement party. I had gained so much weight I literally looked pregnant. At the event I was puffy, miserable, and uncomfortable. I remember being angry at myself and being mad I hadn’t committed to losing weight.
I had a moment where I thought, ‘if I had started when I originally wanted to get in shape, I would be in the best shape of my life right now’. I then proceeded to think that this engagement party was not the last event where I would be photographed, and even if I wasn’t at my goal weight by a certain date I was not going to stop. I was committed. I was not to be a certain weight for a birthday or Christmas party, or to fit into a particular dress or bikini, I was dedicated to looking and feeling better for life. I knew the results would come. They did come, and I looked better and felt better than ever before.
Next time you don’t feel your best getting ready for a party, don’t get upset. Think to yourself, ‘this is why I shouldn’t quit.’ You may not be at your goal weight by your next event, but you will certainly be closer.

Just what is needed during the holidays when ghost from the past emerge. People who seek out to harm others need to stay in the past.


Fit Fun Mum