I was 38 weeks pregnant on Monday! I completed an upper body circuit today before my cardio. Admittedly, this circuit is a bit shorter than most because as soon as I finished I jumped on the treadmill and did 45 min of running. I completed each exercise 3 sets of 12. I love doing upper body workouts and cannot wait to get back to my heavier weights and intense workouts!

This circuit only requires dumbbells (whatever weight you are comfortable with), chair, and yoga/exercise mat (I have a thin one with a lot of grip to help prevent me slipping as I can be a bit clumsy).

My main goal in sharing with you my workouts is to be able to inspire others to keep healthy throughout their pregnancy. If you can not afford a gym membership, or do not have the time or ability to get to the gym regularly, perhaps try an at home circuit like this one that can be done in front of the TV!

Disclaimer: I am a big advocate of exercise during pregnancy, but obviously I don’t recommend you do any exercise without clearance from your doctor first! I am not qualified and I am merely sharing with you all my own personal workouts during pregnancy- please be informed and do your own research and only do what is comfortable for you and your own fitness level.