How I prevented stretchmarks whilst pregnant
Up until this point in my pregnancy, I have 1 tiny discreet stretch mark. I am happy with that! I have come from a family where everyone has gotten quite a few in different areas. So genetics have definitely not helped me in this area. Age certainly doesn’t help me out in this area either as there are a few women in my family were about as young and some even younger than me when they had children. I have been conscious of the potential stretch marks and have done as much as I can to prevent them throughout my entire pregnancy. These have been my top 7 ways I prevented stretch marks.
  1. Dry body brushing. I absolutely love how this helps not just prevent stretch marks but I have also found from personal experience that it also helps to get rid of cellulite! I love my results so much I have dedicated an entire post to dry body brushing
  2. Cut caffeine to an absolute minimum. I used to be a big coffee and black tea drinker, but have cut down and now have a coffee or cup of caffeinated tea once per week.
  3. Increase water intake. I drink at least 3L per day- more on hot days! I take a water bottle with me everywhere!
  4. Slow and steady weight gain. I weigh myself several times a week to monitor my weight gain so it does not become out of control. My theory: The less I gain, the less I have to lose! I like to be able to notice when my weight has increased too quickly to know I should perhaps monitor my diet more closely and lay off the late night snacking.
  5. I also exercise very regularly to help keep my weight gain to minimum and increase circulation.
  6. Using a thick protective moisturiser every day straight after a shower. I have been using a cocoa butter (nothing fancy or expensive) – so it just goes to show you don’t need expensive body lotions   Eat a nutrient rich diet. I have been extremely blessed as to only have healthy cravings during my pregnancy. I crave green juices, smoothies, raw nuts, and believe it or not sultana bran! I love my vegetables particularly salads and mashed sweet potato.  

I would love to hear if anyone has any other good tips for preventing stretch marks!

(Fit Fun Mum)